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Basic KLSE Pack

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Basic KLSE Pack

KLSE is known to be as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, established in 1930. It’s an exchange provide all stock related services in Asia, including segments like Security market, Derivative Market, Exchange holding etc, and offer services like trading, listing, and settlements. SGX was merged at the starting days of KLSE but now work as a separate stock exchange of Singapore.

Our KLSE Basic Pack is designed for the traders who want to trade with small investment amount. This basic service includes short-term signals with small targets, best suited for small traders and beginners.


KLSE market requires proper technical and fundamental knowledge of proper strategies to gain maximum returns. We have a team of experienced market experts to do proper technical analysis in real time to provide highly accurate recommendations to the traders. Our experts use various technical indicators in combination with various studies to predict the live market trends to ensure the maximum return on investment. The fundamental analysis involves the revenues, assets, and liabilities with financial terms of the company. The analysis is nothing but the process of gaining important insights of a particular company’s performance to minimize the risk factors.


We offer different service packages in KLSE Tips like quarterly, half-yearly and yearly, according to investment amount and trading style of the client.



  • Daily 2-3 Signals.
  • Approx 70-80% accuracy on monthly basis.
  • In this service, the Risk and reward Ratio is 1:2.
  • All Recommendations will be provided with Two Targets and One Stop-Loss.
  • Support and Resistance of all major stocks per day.
  • Complete follow-ups on recommendation and open positions.
  • Daily and the weekly newsletter with fundamental market reports.
  • Online assistance via Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, IMO, Team Viewer.


Plans Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly