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Singapore Stock Exchange is the 21st largest stock exchange of the world. The Singapore Exchange covers the market capitalization of around 690 Billion US Dollars. SGX is the regulator of entire Singapore market.

Our SGX HNI Pack is specially designed for those traders and investors who want to trade with big investment amount.This service includes long-term signals with very high targets, best suited for long-term traders and investors.


Our SGX HNI Signals are based on in-depth technical and fundamental analysis as well, to ensure maximum returns with high accuracy level on the daily and weekly basis. We provide proper strategies, follow-ups and tech support in our every call. This service includes much better and high targets as compared to the Basic SGX Pack and Premium SGX Pack. Our every call maintains more than 85 % of accuracy level in this service so that the trader can safely gain bigger profit margin from the market in less time period.


We offer different service packages in SGX Market like quarterly, half-yearly and yearly, according to investment amount and trading style of the client. We provide one to two recommendations on daily basis, but with a large number of volume.



  • Daily One Signal.
  • Every call maintains more than 85 % of accuracy level on monthly basis.
  • In this service, the Risk and Reward Ratio is 1:1.
  • All Recommendations will be provided with Two Targets and One Stop-Loss.
  • Support and Resistance to all major stocks per day.
  • Complete follow-ups on recommendation and open positions.
  • Daily and weekly newsletter and market reports.
  • Online assistance via Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, IMO, Team Viewer.


Plans Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly